Smart digitization

Digitizing is more than just random scanning documents. Birdwing shows you what digitizing is and how you approach this in a clever way. Read all about it here.

What is smart digitization?

Digitizing is information and keeping documents electronically. On your computer, for example. Even though the safest way is online and on servers. So, what is smart digitization? Quite simply: tailored to your business.

Because do you scan every document of your immense archive? That’s not very clever. And not necessary at all. So, a sustainable strategy is the solution.

Digitizing, what is it?

Before we deep dive on smart digitization, we list the most important terminology for you:

Digitization: is the process of converting physical source material into a digital form. These can be paper documents, but also data on microfiches, X-rays, audio, videotapes, photos, books, personnel files…

Digitalization: the digital technology you use to digitize. Of course, you need a computer for that. But also servers, software or online programs are included.

Digitaltransformation: After everything is digitized, the digital transformation starts. Because you also need to involve the rest of your organization in the digital story. Think about your employees and customers. They too will have to make the switch to digital thinking.

Digitizing: plan of action

So, digitizing isn’t the random scanning of documents. Everything starts with a structured approach. What are the needs of your organization. At Birdwing we first dive deep into your company structure. In doing so, we will look for the answers to these questions:

Is digitalization an added value for your company?

If so, what documents are appropriate? Can we use your current software programs? Or should you opt for modular software?

What measures should you take in the area of digital security and data protection?

And how secure are your current digital systems? With a free scan you immediately know how things stand with your (digital) protection.

What are all the legal obligations concerning the digital storage of documents?

How do we make sure you’re okay with everything? How do we bring structure to your company with an eye on all legal applications?

“There is no need to buy a single software package of which you can use only half. That is why we always work with modular programs. This way you only pay for what you really need.”

Annik, manager Birdwing


Are you ready for the future?

Dive into your archive looking for that one document, scanning it and sending it by mail. You cannot call it efficient working. Digital working is the future anyway. Many accountants already work this way only digitally. Public documents are also increasingly only found online. It makes sense, because this way of working is simple, fast and correct.

Also for you, of course. With a few clicks, you have all the information at hand anytime and anywhere. Because that’s what digitization is all about.

Would you also like to take the step towards digitalization? Tailored to your company and with the necessary guidance? Please contact us. And then we schedule a no-obligation conversation.

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