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The world of today and tomorrow is digital. The increasing digitization requires an innovative view of your organization and in many aspects digitization seems to be a turning point also for the arts and cultural sector.

Comprehensive changes in the way art is created, passed on and preserved are therefore of high importance.

The Birdwing is guiding organizations, museums and cultural institutions in Belgium (and Europe) to transform digital gradually.

Enumerate and digitize archives, scan documents and media, and apply GDPR to the art and culture world to create digital catalogues and art books. We’re your accountability partner.

Discover the intersection of tradition and technology with our approach centered on people, data, and technology. We believe that true digital transformation goes beyond updating technology; it’s about preserving and enhancing our cultural heritage.

Explore the impact of ICT technologies on our daily lives, influencing how we interact with and safeguard cultural objects. Embrace the opportunities brought by digital transformation, supporting democratization processes and advanced work automatization.

Connect with us to delve into Digital Transformation for Heritage Preservation. Experience the revolution of digital technology in conserving and sharing cultural and natural heritage. From digitizing ancient manuscripts to immersive virtual tours of historic sites, we are dedicated to preserving our rich heritage for the generations to come.

Digital Transformation for Heritage Preservation

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we interact with the world around us, and it is also having a profound impact on the preservation of our cultural and natural heritage. From digitizing ancient manuscripts to creating virtual tours of historic sites, digital tools are being used to conserve, share, and interpret our heritage for future generations.

Digital Heritage
Digital heritage refers to the digital representation of cultural heritage assets, such as documents, photographs, artworks, and archaeological artifacts. This digital data can be used to create online exhibitions, educational resources, and even virtual reality experiences that bring the past to life.
Intangible Heritage
Intangible heritage is the knowledge, traditions, and practices that are passed down from generation to generation. This includes things like folk songs, traditional dances, and local dialects. Digital technology can be used to document, preserve, and share intangible heritage with a wider audience.
Tangible Heritage
Tangible heritage is the physical objects that represent our cultural heritage, such as buildings, sculptures, and artifacts. Digital technology can be used to scan, digitize, and 3D model these objects, which can then be used to create replicas, virtual tours, and interactive experiences.
Natural Heritage
Natural heritage is the natural features of our planet that are of outstanding beauty or scientific importance. Digital technology can be used to create virtual tours of natural areas, educational resources, and even predict and monitor changes in the environment.
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How Digital Transformation is Preserving Heritage

Digital transformation is playing a crucial role in the preservation of our heritage in several ways:

Digitizing and storing artifacts

Digital technologies allow for the digitization and secure storage of vast amounts of cultural and natural heritage data, ensuring their longevity and accessibility.

Enhancing accessibility

Digital tools make heritage resources more accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their location or physical limitations. Online exhibitions, virtual tours, and interactive experiences can bring heritage to life for people around the globe.

Protecting against natural disasters and conflicts

Digital copies of heritage artifacts can serve as backups in case of natural disasters or conflicts, ensuring that the originals are protected.

Promoting understanding and education

Digital tools can be used to create educational resources and interactive experiences that promote understanding and appreciation of our heritage.

Digital transformation is playing a transformative role in the preservation of our heritage, making it more accessible, engaging, and sustainable for future generations. As technology continues to advance, we will continue to find innovative ways to connect with our past and ensure that the legacy of our heritage is preserved for all.




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