Convert media to digital format

Do you also cherish precious memories and beautiful moments ?

Don’t let this fade away by putting off digitizing it and wishing you should have converted your videos and camcorder tapes sooner.

It is very sad that some of the most important events or memories of our lives are often left in a box somewhere in the attic or basement, never to be seen again.

The truth is the longer the analog format persists over the years, the quality decreases significantly . Especially if they are stored in the attic (high temperatures) or basements (humidity). If they are near magnetic fields, things get even worse. At The Birdwing we don’t just let that happen.

Our job is to convert the best real-time video to digital format . Convert your VHS files or 8mm film now and keep them safe forever. Take the first steps to capture your memories and share them with family, friends or future generations.

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