About Us

We guide you to the digital future!

We founded The Birdwing to provide customers with a full service regarding digital transformation. This considers human, physical (computerized data collection) and cognitive (using machines for advanced data analysis) as the three most important elements.

Companies often offer software, coaching and data protection in a separate way. This means multiple vendors, software compatibility issues, and more costs.

Tailored solutions to improve not only business, but also well-being at work

Because every organization has its own culture, we offer advanced customized solutions . The Birdwing specializes in future-proof digitalization , we work personally and penetrate the DNA of the organization. Our dedicated team has the experience and necessary skills to help you position your organization/business for the growth and security it deserves.

Our approach is people-centric, which means we will train your employees to adapt the new technologies and solutions so that they will be implemented and your organization will reap all the benefits.

We have advanced, automated phishing simulations for a wide range of cybersecurity topics. In this way, your employees are informed and motivated to develop their sense of responsibility. We want to create a more people-friendly workplace where people have tools at their disposal that give them a smooth work-life balance.

Cultural diversity

Culture in organizational behavior applies to two different areas: workforce culture and workplace culture .
Reimagining work involves a positive work culture.

Refocus your investments on tools and technology that help employees stay connected and engaged in their work. Celebrate their talent and the outstanding contributions each employee brings to your organization.

Technological progress has provided enormous economic opportunities for companies and organizations worldwide . With economic globalization, we believe in cultural diversity , as it supports the idea that everyone can make a unique and positive contribution to the larger society. Where everyone is treated with respect and where social value is crucial.


Our environment is very important; so is the planet we live on. We believe it is important to proactively incorporate green efforts into organizational operations and support innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges while stimulating economic growth.

The Birdwing values ​​important activities related to sustainability and social development and integrates sustainability and corporate social responsibility as part of our core strategies.

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary environmental management scheme for organizations that want to proactively and systematically improve their environmental performance. The three key words are: performance, credibility and transparency.