Silver package: scanned and organised digital transition

There are many organizations that have not yet digitized medical, personal, confidential or other files. They want to but struggle to get started.

Do you

  • receive scanned documents in the mailboxes?
  • have paper documents waiting to be scanned?
  • have archives waiting to be scanned?
  • want to use your archive space for other purposes or should it be deployed?
  • have questions about whether all documents need to be scanned?
  • have a lack of organization and structure?
  • need to go to your office to collect documents in your storage room?
  • need to ask a colleague where to find a specific document?

Restructuring the unorganized administration feels such a big project, it’s easier to keep it as it was. It feels like an overwhelmingly huge job!

Even with organizations that have a scanning process in place, too often they store the documents in a folder or in emails. The process is in the hands of one person.

It is essential to create digital order and structure to save money, time and skills at work. A digital archive that can be consulted quickly and which is directly accessible from anywhere and anytime. This will help employees find the necessary information easily.

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Our Silver program solves your problems and creates structure and high-quality scans

After completing the Silver program:

  • You have protected access: you decide who will have access to what
  • You no longer have to search for documents. This brings huge time efficiency.
  • You have a fast and reliable transformation from data to digital.
  • Extra checks on quality and indexation are ensured. From now on, you will be able to find everything easily and the scanned data will be transferred to the relevant file. Human errors are minimized.
  • You have high tech colour quality scanned documents. This means a good readability, an added value for your customers and staff
  • You consult the documents online where and when you want
  • You have reduced human errors and control is easier to carry out
  • Your data is arranged in the new modular iDM software or existing software
  • You can provide faster and better service to customers and suppliers
  • You can release your archive space and make valuable use of it
  • Your digital archive is in accordance with laws and regulations
  • You have applied the integration of digital removal policy in accordance with the GDPR guidelines
  • You give a quick quality service to your clients, upgrading your customer service
  • You have optimized internal communication
  • You do have a secure solution for long-term document storage with storage planning. This will provide you with affordable case management tailored to your personal needs and your business


How do we work:


  • 3x online or in-person meetings (Intake, Action Plan and Evaluation)
  • We implement a Digiscan
  • We are taking the 3 steps in the action plan
  • We update the existing software or install modular software
  • Collection and transport: we arrive at your premises, register all documents in SRP, put them in specially designed archive boxes, give each box a unique bar code and then accumulate them on sealed europallets. Confidentiality and security are 100 % guaranteed for sealed transport
  • Your documents will be prepared to be scanned and any folders, staples and paper clips removed. This follows strict guidelines
  • Indexation and grading: the SRP platform automatically classifies and recognizes the document flow according to the types of content (form, contract, invoice, etc.)
  • We use high-tech scanners
  • Quality control and image optimization shall be carried out. This means to be read clearly by your customers and employees
  • Choose whether you want to have delivered the images of the metadata via direct file transfer (VPN) or via an external storage medium
  • Training will be given to all persons involved
  • You will receive a full inventory of the reporting
  • Physical files are kept in quarantine for 1 month (sealed storage) to carry out your own quality control. This period starts to run from the day you received the file transfer.
  • We provide guidance and advice for the future

If you have questions get in touch with us and book your appointment directly in our agenda:

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
I have no modular software. Can I use my existing software?

Yes, you can use your existing software. We will find the best way to create a user-friendly structure with your IT team.

I have no time to do so because there are no staff for this?

We want to save your team’s time all while delivering the best results possible. We’ll only need one contact person to coordinate the collaboration, and the rest of the staff can focus on your business.

Digitalization will also save time in the future and improve your company’s image as a modern-day service provider. Scanning documents, creating a good structure saves a lot of time and better service to your customers and to your suppliers.

Time is money. It is your priority that you will like to know.

How much time does the total project take?

The digitalization of documents takes from one day to a few working days, depending on the amount of documents to be scanned.

What does the investment depend on?

The investment depends on the number of participants accessing the software, the size and volume of the data. You will get a detailed offer before making your decision. 

Book your appointment directly in our calendar and we’ll share more details on how we can help you in digitizing your documents:

Book your appointment here.

Why should I invest in the live day software instruction training?

After this training, everyone involved can get started effectively and quickly. 
This will save time in implementation and allow your team to enjoy the benefits quickly.

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