Platinum Program: Safe digital transformation

More and more is needed for the safe future of your organization as we are moving further in the digital transition.

Your company may be vulnerable because of various gaps that have not yet been detected. This is a huge risk and represents an enormous financial strain, administrative chaos, and creates an unsafe feeling in the workplace.

Moreover, the image of the company is at stake. And what will your customers and suppliers think about it? After all, they are in your database and they are worried to be the next victim of hackers.

This is what you need to avoid. Cybersecurity is not an option anymore but mandatory.


Safety in a digital environment raises many questions, such as:

· How do I secure my data?
· How do I avoid an attack on hackers?
· How can I make myself resilient to cyber-attacks?
· What types of cyber-attacks are there?
· How can I make my staff aware of phishing email?
· What is the best security for my company?
· Where can I get information about cybersecurity?

You need a real answer to these questions in order to avoid a total of internal and external chaos. You are responsible for your staff. You do not want them to feel unsafe in the workplace because this causes stress, health problems which means staff drop-out.

If you have questions or struggle with business data security issues get in touch with us and book your appointment directly in our agenda:

Our Platinum programma solves these problems.Following this program:
  • You have a safe, structured digital archive
  • You have secure remote access to your data from anywhere
  • You can provide access to defined software modules
  • Your company is in line with GDPR legislation on the protection of personal data in order to improve the image, trust of your clients and motivation of staff
  • You comply with the ISO 27001 standard on information security
  • Your weakest link (human) becomes the strongest link. From now on, each staff member takes responsibility and feels safe and truly part of the organization
  • You are ready for a future where you can safely expand your services and products in a cost-effective and flexible way
  • You can opt for a financial intervention for cybersecurity depending of the location of your business headquarter
  • Having cybersecurity offers you a great competitive advantage because it embodies a commitment to your customers. It shows your clients and suppliers that the security of their data is very important

How do we work:

  • We have 3x online or live meetings (Intake, Action Plan and Evaluation)
  • We carry out a thorough Cyberscan, a thorough technical analysis to determine the extent to which your organization has been set up in the field of cybersecurity
  • We scrutinize the organization’s DNA structure and focus on how to update the software and to raise awareness among workers
  • We accompany and advise on the identified urgent safety issues
  • We provide assistance in applying for the aid amount depending on the region
  • We give reality emails training so that your staff awareness increases

Investment for customisation

The investment depends on the number of participants in the software and the size and volume of the data.

Contact us and book your appointment directly in our agenda:

Frequently asked questions

Veegestelde vragen
Our team doesn’t have a suitable software yet. Is this necessary for us?

Before you jump to conclusions that limit the growth of your company and possibly minimize cybersecurity, I suggest we have a conversation.

It is wise to first map out the current situation and discuss where you can save time and money in the organization faster and easier when it comes to cyber security.
In addition, you want to:

  • Get a clear insight into the digitization level in your organization
  • A clear inventory of opportunities and threats for digitization
  • Concrete starting points for your digitization strategy

The DigiScan will help you with this. Book your free DigiScan here.

How much time is needed from my team? I’m not sure we can prioritize this right now

Let’s look at the situation from another angle: What if this concerned your family? You would want them to be safe, wouldn’t you, right? We believe you also want to keep your employees safe. 

Secure growth requires action. Hackers do make time for this - so why wouldn’t you? 

Ask yourself would it be interesting to learn to make time and space for safe growth while still being able to keep going with all your activities? Because nobody has time, it's about priority. It's not about the time you have available, but how you deal with it so that your organization functions optimally, future-proof. 

I may not have enough staff for this. How many staff members would we need to conduct the project with success?

We only need 1 contact person (IT person, manager or another person you designate) and we take care of the customization since this can be a complex step-by-step plan. With our expertise we transform your company into a future-oriented company with a good image.

Cybersecurity is a serious investment. I don't know if I can do this right now.

Cybersecurity is the future-proof investment for your company. The Belgian state is also aware of this and therefore provides a financial contribution. We assist you in applying for this arrangement, so that you clearly know what the ultimate investment is. We can also work step by step depending on the needs of your company. 

Is the installed cybersecurity updated?

Yes, just as there are updates on your computer or laptop, it is also important to maintain cybersecurity. We take care of the security follow-up through the contact we have with your IT person.

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