Digital transformation achieves human, data and techno success


Experts in their field are sharing their knowledge and useful information.

Ons volgende Virtual Digi evenement is op donderdag 26.01.23 om 16u00

Digitalization doesn’t need to be hard and difficult. Birdwing is set up to assist museums, cultural institutions and EU agencies in their digital transformation and guide them through the process of reimagining the future with a light heart.

Birdwing address these challenges from multiple angles and provides you with:

  • A Business Strategy to reach your goals more quickly

  • Minimized Risks and maximized Compliance

  • Enterprise & Security Architecture

  • Up-to-date Information and Cybersecurity solutions

  • Digitalization that answers to future challenges

What can we do for you?

Omdat alles met elkaar verbonden is, kijken we naar het totaalbeeld van de organisatie met een sterk helikopteruitzicht.

We offer cutting edge tailor-made solutions in digital transformation.

Birdwing specializes in futureproof digitalization led by a dedicated team. We work personally and push for the company’s DNA.

Dit betekent dat u en uw team tijd zal besparen, uw klantendienst zal bevorderen, interne mededeling zal optimaliseren en uw winsten zal verhogen.

How do we do that?

To obtain a step-by-step process of digital transformation we have tailored solutions.

We offer you 3 packages:

  • Silver package: scanned data and organized digital transition
  • Gold package: Silver package with maintaining legal up to date compliance and regulation
  • Platinum package: includes all packages plus cybersecurity awareness, staff training, info about cybersecurity primes, guidance on best practices and governance frameworks.


Strong foundation of human awareness is very important.

We offer e-learning videos and phishing awareness tests to increase your awareness.


Experts in their field are sharing their knowledge and useful information.

Our next Virtual Digi event is on Thursday 26.01.2023

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